Status #1: Welcome to my new site!

Hi there!

As previously mentioned on a post earlier on, I said that a big change was coming to my blog. And that's why I'm telling you today that I finally switched from blog provider to a much more convenient client! I chose for the famous Squarespace platform because various of advantages that outweighs those of Blogger, where I used to host my blog.

One of the things that has changed is the URL which changed from the cumbersome to simply


One of the things that annoyed me to no end is that I needed to edit everything manually in the CSS of my blog before I could submit a post (for example the margins, padding, width of images, et cetera..). This became so annoying that at a certain point it demotivated me to make and post new stuff.

For the Amsterdam post for example, I had to edit each certain picture in its html field to make sure it fitted the post container and maintained the image quality.

But enough ranting, this makeover has some exciting new features!

These are some of the things you'll see here in the future:


PROJECTS: yup, it's finally back and I'm already working on a new project since today!  School related work will also be posted here after I finished it and if the professors gave me permission to put it online.

SKETCHES: college just started and especially the first few weeks, we will need to sketch a lot. I am going to post all the sketches I make in or for school for you to see.


And then there is a new category called OPINION which features these four sorts of posts:


REVIEWS: when I get a new gadget, whether it's a new phone, pair of headphones or anything else, I will write a review about it.

- THOUGHTS: monday, you saw the first Thought post about the Apple Keynote 2014. Expect more similar content later on!

- STATUS: these are posts like this one where I give you a sort of 'status update' on what I'm working on or if I have something important to tell you.

- FIELD TRIP: these will be photo journals that are going to be posted of places I've been to. Some of the photos may receive a little comment or description expressing my thoughts on the subject.


So that's about it! 

You can expect more frequent posts and more content than I used to post on my previous blog. If you like a certain post you can go give the post a like. Because this is site is pretty new, you may notice some design changes and tweaks the following weeks.

If you want to give your opinion about something related to the post you can also comment!

See you soon!

- Robrecht.