Portable Swing





Recently we had exams until the end of januari and I've been busy the past few months studying and completing projects for our exams.

One of those exam projects was for a course we have called "Design & Prototyping", for which we had to design a swing that had to be portable: it needed to be easy to put the swing up in a tree and take it back down without having to crawl into the tree or having to use a ladder.

Another important aspect was that the weight of our swing was limited to only 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds), so it had to be leightweight, portable and user-friendly.


We had to document every step of our process on a seperate blog, including the making of the prototype and the final results.

Since I want to save you from the numerous pictures of the full process, I will give you a compact overview of the most essential parts of my process and if you want, you can look into the project blog for more details.






The first rough idea sketches.




Idea generation, exploration and variation




Besides making the prototype, a small movie, a blog discussing the design process we also had to create an Instructable.

These are some graphic I made detailing the dimensions of certain elements of the backpack swing.







I opted for a design that was as portable as it could be without being hassle to carry around.

To set up the swing, you simply open up the backpack, pull out the rope, swing the small wooden circular piece over a branch of a tree, jam said piece underneath the knot that forms the loop shape and you're ready to go.

When you are finished, remove the wooden piece from underneath the knot, pull the rope back and put the rope away in your bag.








- Robrecht