HTC One + Google Glass

A week after several images leaked from the infamous @evleaks, HTC introduced their new flagship phone running the latest Android version. However, I have mixed feelings about this. On one side, I'm very happy to see that HTC has decided to simplify their name to simply 'One' and to reduce its high-end phones to just one phone. What is also very positive I think, is that it is the first android phone that has a premium design, with materils being used such as aluminium instead of cheap plastic (I'm looking at you Samsung).

On the other hand, I'm a bit disappointed about the looks of the One. The front looks very similar to the back of the iPhone 5 and the new Blackberry Z10 (but those 3 all look almost the same). Which was also my first reaction when I saw the HTC One: "Its like the back of the iPhone with a screen on it, a speaker grill and buttons.

And of course, HTC decided to re-skin their Android skin called 'Sense', which will get the name Sense 5.
As you can see, they removed all the glossiness, reflections and the fancy animations from the clock widget and replaced them with
a black square that only displays time, date and weather without a lot of fuzz.

Google Glass.
For me, I think this is the first step we take into the direction of the future.

Many people online tend to complain a lot about how ridiculous it looks, but I think it's actually not that bad.
Even though it looks quite out of balance, they have made a great solution for putting the projector and computer in one sleek casing.

The interface is very hardcore minimalistic: it only shows you the necessary elements projected in a white translucent canvas. But the white text can cause problems if you're staring to a light background while you're in a hurry and don't have a lot of time to stop and look at the projected display.

This can be seen here.