Status: january 2014

Catching up

Today is the first day of school after the winterbreak, which I used to finish the Frame project because I had quite a lot of free time, 
and decided to use the last bit of free time I have to make a current status update. As you may know I’m in my last year Architectural Arts in secondary school, 
and we’ve been giving three different final school projects in order to be able to graduate:

- a follow-up of a construction of a house: 
a full report where you describe every step that’s taken in the construction of a house.

- thesis of an architect/designer of choice: 
make a full thesis of the chosen architect/designer where you describe all his work and give a full biography of that person.
And because I’m a great fan of Dieter Rams, I’ve chosen him because he really had (and still has)
a big influence on other designers and made Braun a pioneer in electronics with beautiful design.

- integrated test: 
this is the most important project of these three where we have the assignment of giving a particular empty area of Kortrijk (where I go to school) a new function. 
Each person of my class chose something different: someone has a museum, another person a kindergarten, … My function for that area is a dormroom complex for students.

The most interesting part of the integrated test is that we aren't allowed to use regular brick walls for example: we must only use containers (eg. container homes, container schools, ...)
Because of all of this, I won't be able to work on new projects - or at least make and post them very fast.

Field Trips

There is also a new thingy coming to my blog!
Say hello to Field Trips!

Field Trips are exactly what they sound like: when I go out to museums, visit cities, I'll be bringing you a personal report of the visit along with pictures, and this weekend there is a Field Trip coming up: I'm going to bring a visit to the FRAC in Dunkerque in France this Thursday with school, so by the weekend the Field Trip should be up and running!

See you later,
Robrecht Vanhauwere